Transition Area

Transition T1:

Location: Chankanaab, Park (parking lot).

On race day T1 will open at 5:30 a.m. All athletes must be out of this transition at least 15 minutes prior to their start time.

Upon completing the swim leg you will run approximately 200m to pick up your bike and necessary gear.

*NOTE: You are NOT allowed to mount your bike inside transition area; you must run/walk with your bicycle to “the mounting zone”.

Transition T2:

Location: Next to the finish line locate at Cozumel’s City Hall.

When you have completed the bike course, our staff and volunteers will be waiting to take your bike making your transition a bit smoother.

Athletes must pick up bike and gear prior to 1:00 am on Monday December 1st, security staff will not be responsible for bikes and other valuables left behind past this hour.
* You cannot leave any back packs or bags inside Transition area, only race gear: helmet, shoes, sunglasses, swim cap, goggles, hat, etc. All other gear can be checked in at the baggage storage area which will be located inside the T1.

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