Recovery and Aid Area

Recovery Area

After crossing the finish line all competitors will receive a finisher medal

Please keep walking and follow our volunteer’s instructions until you reach the recovery area, where you will find medical tents, water, Gatorade, fruit, showers and a massage tent.

Aid Stations

Going into an aid station please follow the flow, and remember that other athletes will follow right after you. Prepare yourself for the aid station in good time. Race volunteers will hand out supplies when you pass by. But please be careful, in order to avoid any accidents.

Only when there is an aid station in sight, are you allowed to dispose of bottles and garbage. Please keep the environment in mind before tossing garbage.

BIKE COURSE AID STATIONS will be located on kilometers 20, 30, 43, 55, 69, 82, 92, 105, 117, 131, 145, 155 and 168 at each aid station you will find, Gatorade, purified water, bananas, ice and Fuel 2 Go (gel).

Bike aid stations will close 10 hours 30 minutes after the last wave start.

RUN COURSE ADIS STATIONS will be available every other kilometer of the race, at each aid station you will find, Pepsi, Gatorade, purified water, ice, Fuel 2 Go, bananas, oranges, pretzels, Vaseline, sunscreen fuel to go and toilets.

Portable toilets will be available at turnarounds during the run.

Run course aid stations will close 17 hours after the last wave start.

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FUEL2GO contains 25.4 g of carbohydrates so it is recommended to be consumed 15 minutes before starting physical activity and every 30 minutes, this in order to consume about 50 g per hour. Furthermore, scientific studies show that there may be up to 65% more oxidation and better utilization when using mixtures of carbohydrates. Such is the case of FUEL2GO, which is made from a mixture of maltodextrin, fructose and isomaltulose.

FUEL2GO contains sodium and potassium, electrolytes that are lost in greater proportion when you sweat. It also contains 25 mg of caffeine, which has beneficial effects in terms of energy optimization and perception of personal burnout.

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