IM World Championship Qualification

The 2017 IRONMAN Cozumel will offer 40 qualifying slots to the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship, which will be held on Saturday October 13th, 2018, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States.

How does Slot Allocation works for Age-Groupers?

  • Prior to the race, al least one Slot should be assigned to each age group category (male and female). The final allocation will be determined on race day based on the number of athletes who really starts competition in each category.
  • If any of the categories does not have any athlete register, the Slot for this category will be assigned to the next category of the same gender.
  • The Final Slot Allocation should correspond with the number of athletes in Age Group Categories that are present in the competition itself.
  • Winner athletes must claim their Slot in person (physically), during the meeting for the Allocation and Re-allocation of Slots according to the date place and scheduled times.

If you are interested in qualify for the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship:

  • * Look at the Preliminary Results after the race to know if you have been qualified to compete at the IRONMAN World Championship.
  • * If you have been qualified you must assist to the Slot Allocation and Rolldown Ceremony:

    Date: Monday November 27th, 2017.
    Place: Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park.
    Starting promptly at 17:00 h.

    Slot Allocation and Rolldown Process:

    • Slot allocation begins with older age groups, and progress to lower age groups (start with women 75-79, then men 75-79, then women 70-74, and so forth down to men 18-24)
    • If a slot is not allocated in its age group, it is immediately reallocated to new age group.
    • Awarded athletes must be present at the meeting to confirm that YES, they accept the Slot.
    • If the awarded competitor does not accept the Slot or if he/she is not present to accept it, the Slot will be Rolldown to the next athlete in the same category. This is that the second place of this category should take it.
    • If one or more Slots have not been claimed in its category, they will be assigned to the category with the largest number of athletes.
    • If you accept a Rolldown Slot you should pay the Entry Fee for the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship in . This pay must be on line, with credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). Sorry, but we can not accept cash, personal or traveler checks or any other currency.
    • You should ensure that you receive your voucher Slot.
    • Follow the instructions on your certificate to register to the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship.

    Age Group Categories for the 2017 IRONMAN Cozumel (male and female) are:

    • 18-24
    • 25-29
    • 30-34
    • 35-39
    • 40-44
    • 45-49
    • 50-54
    • 55-59
    • 60-64
    • 65-69
    • 70-74
    • 75-79
    • 80 años y más.

    Important Note: Remember that the Final Slot Allocation will be determined until race day.


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