Gear bags

At the packet pick-up you will receive 5 colored bags to place on them the gear that you will use during the competition, and it will be distributed as follows:

  • Blue bag – Bike gear
  • Red bag – Run gear
  • Orange bag – Cycling special needs.
  • Black bag – Run special needs
  • White bag – Clothes bag (for before and after competition).

You must place in each bag the equipment that corresponds, and deliver each one of them in the places assigned for this purpose, respecting the dates and times according to the following table:

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Very important:

  • Please, place each gear in the bag that corresponds.
  • The clothes that you place inside the WHITE bag must fit ok. You will not be able to put air pumps, backpacks or any other gear bigger than the white bag.
  • We also recommend not keeping anything of value in the white bag (such as cell phones, ipods, camaras, whatches, glasses, etc.)
  • Make sure that each bag is perfectly marked with your name and bib number on the label that you will get in your kit competitor.
  • The Special Needs bags for bike and run are exclusively for food or food supplements, or for some extra clothing that you think you will need during the competition. All bags and what remains inside them will be discarded when closing this station.
  • The organizing committee is not responsible for any items left on the bags.
  • At the end of your competition you must collect the bags: WHITE, BLUE and RED in Transition Zone 2.

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